Xp mapped network drives not updating

The resolution in there is that the Network Provider order causes this sort of problem - if the provider order does not include Lan Man in the first entries it doesn't work.Promptly I checked my machine's settings at: HKLM\SYSTEM\Current Control Set\Control\Network Provider\Order what I found looked like this: Notice the two empty entries in the order!Several other people have reported they've seen similar problems.Empty entries, Lanman Workstations name truncated or mangled and even missing.

It hasn't been an issue since it's so rare that I ever need to do this, but yesterday we needed to quickly push some files up to a server that otherwise wasn't connected.

The other issues comprise an authentication error, and a file-sharing issue affecting some user accounts. Microsoft Patch Tuesday screwed up a bunch of my clients today.

If you lose File Shares with an Invalid File Handle error, Remove KB4480970 and access will be restored.

— Andrew M (@Agent Pleb) January 9, 2019 Users flagged these issues on several threads on the sysadmin sub Reddit, with some admitting they would normally delay applying critical security updates across Windows devices within their organisation, preempting major bugs such as this.

"Three customers called my office this morning because they were no longer able to access their shared folders. Deleting the update KB4480970 did the trick," one user said.

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