Who is simon cowell dating now 2016

He was rushed to hospital and told that his unhealthy lifestyle where he lived “like a vampire” by staying awake each day until 8am — had to stop.

For a long time, Simon was well known for his womanising ways and said he was not interested in steady relationships, marriage or kids.

In 2009 however, Simon reportedly started a relationship with his current girlfriend, Lauren Silverman.

Read on to learn more about her and their relationship.

Simon continued to date other women in the meantime, including the entertainment journalist Terri Seymour, as well as the makeup artist Mezhgan Hussainy.

He was also engaged to Mezhgan between 20, but then claimed that was “a big mistake.” After these failed relationships, Simon turned to someone who made him feel happy and with ease, which was Lauren, a 40-year-old New York City socialite.

“America’s Got Talent” would not be nearly as popular and loved without its iconic guru Simon Cowell.

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After years of controversy, all eyes are on the loving family of three now. On one episode of “Britain’s Got Talent” in May of last year, however, Simon responded negatively to a fellow judge regarding a romantic proposal during a funny scenario.It also manages Simon’s music business with artists like One Direction and formerly Little Mix - so it’s no surprise Simon is a very wealthy man.Simon has lost 20lb after embarking on a new health and fitness regime.Fatherhood really softened Simon, and everyone could see it.In an interview with Daily Mail and Entertainment Weekly, he revealed much about himself as a father: “People have asked me if I have changed since I have had Eric and of course you do, you can’t help it.

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