Who is ray fiennes dating

), is a British explorer and holder of several endurance records. Fiennes served in the British Army for eight years, including a period on counter-insurgency service while attached to the Army of the Sultanate of Oman.

He later undertook numerous expeditions and was the first person to visit both the North and South Poles by surface means and the first to completely cross Antarctica on foot.

While in South Africa he attended Western Province Preparatory School in Newlands, Cape Town.

Fiennes then returned to be educated at Sandroyd School, Wiltshire and then at Eton College.

A further attempt in 1996 to walk to the South Pole solo, in aid of the Breast Cancer Campaign, was unsuccessful due to a kidney stone attack and he had to be rescued from the operation by his crew.

As part of the Transglobe Expedition, Fiennes and Burton completed the Northwest Passage.

Since the 1960s Fiennes has been an expedition leader.

He led expeditions up the White Nile on a hovercraft in 1969 and on Norway's Jostedalsbreen Glacier in 1970.

One notable trek was the Transglobe Expedition he undertook between 19 when he and two fellow members of 21 SAS, Oliver Shepard and Charles R.

Burton, journeyed around the world on its polar axis, using surface transport only.

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