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They can be rejuvenated by cutting back severely, as they will sprout from old, leafless wood as long as not all the green growth is removed.

Read up on some of our favorite shrubs and remember, this is only a smattering of the variety of shrubs we carry all year long!

Many of our winters are warmer, and in those years, tender in spring or early summer so they can get established well before threatening cold, make sure to keep them watered during dry spells in winter (and summer too), and cross your fingers for a warm winter.

Because they're so temperamental, we focus on tender Amy is a heartbreaker.

Summer - Make sure that Hebes are watered - especially new plants. Autumn- Remove flowers from Hebe Shrubs once they start to fade. Plant out new Hebes ) is an easy to grow flowering evergreen shrub native to New Zealand and South America.

Hebe plants come in many sizes ranging from dwarf shrubs, suitable for planting in patio pots and rockeries, to large hebe plants that are perfect for planting in a large garden.

We consider Bright green leaves are scaly and have a ferny or coniferous appearance.

White flowers in summer are on old wood and can be hidden by leaves, but we this Hebe is all about the foliage, so it's okay. This is easily our most popular Hebe and justly so. New leaves are purple maturing to dark green with a purple reverse.

The key is to know which ones are reliable and which ones are not, so if you choose to take a chance on a more tender Hebe, you do it with open eyes, knowing it may end in tears, but ready to enjoy the time you have together.It's tidy habit is low and dense, making it great for growing in containers or for the edge of a sunny border. People are often surprised to discover that this Hebe is not a conifer.The cool ochre yellow leaves are scaly and look a lot like a thread-branch cypress, so the confusion is understandable.The damaged part has to be cut back so while it may reach the 4'x4' that the labels predict, it will not stay there consistently.Flowers open to saturated pinkish-purple and fade to white.

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