Who is derek jeter currently dating in 2016

Explaining his inspiration for the site, Jeter wrote, “I do think fans deserve more than ‘No comments’ or ‘I don’t knows.’” Again, a telling remark for a man who’s always been standoffish with the press.As the captain of the Yankees, Jeter could come off as controlling to the point of being cold.He only visited Yankee Stadium twice last season, to honor Bernie Williams and Andy Pettitte during their respective number-retirement ceremonies.But, he told Meyers, “I’m starting to watch [baseball] a little bit more, because ultimately I have ownership aspirations.” In December 2014, The Post reported that Jeter was interested in buying the Miami Marlins.As one of the most private men to ever play baseball in New York, Derek Jeter probably never expected to make enemies of his neighbors. — where the legendary Yankee shortstop retreated full time after his 2014 retirement — locals know Jeter’s 30,875-square-foot manse as the place where a menace lives. “[Jeter’s] got this Italian mastiff, and it’s vicious. Lately though, neighbors haven’t seen as much of the mastiff, and they suspect Jeter, 41, is keeping him indoors more.When he first got it, it was a cute little puppy, but it became controversial on the block,” says one neighbor of the 1 ½-year-old pooch, gifted to Jeter by model fiancée Hannah Davis for Christmas in 2014. No surprise for a guy who’s never been willing to lift the curtain on his private life. It was a bark you could hear blocks away.” Last November, Jeter wrote on his Players’ Tribune Web site that he was “previously scared of dogs” and that “discipline is proving difficult” with the 100-plus-pound Kane.When he was on the Yankees, Jeter was one of the most famous athletes on the planet, to the point that he couldn’t walk down the street without being mobbed.

Recent releases include the kids’ book “Night at the Stadium,” which is described in press materials as a combination of “Field of Dreams,” “Alice in Wonderland” and “A Night at the Museum.” But it hasn’t all been home runs — Jeter revealed to the agents that his imprint had gone after comedian Tracy Morgan’s memoir but missed.

There is a sound business sense there.” Sources say Jeter is also hands-on with the Players’ Tribune, his Web site that features profiles told from the athletes’ perspective.

Last November, the Tribune had its first big scoop — Kobe Bryant’s retirement announcement, which crashed the site.

And in March, Yankee CC Sabathia penned an essay detailing his alcohol addiction and rehab.

Several people involved with the site say Jeter stops in to the Chelsea office when he is in town and keeps in touch via video conference.

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