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While Hunt only got one shot as a director in the cutthroat, male-dominated world of film, television has been very willing to let Bonnie Hunt work.

Since 1990, Hunt has starred in a staggering number of sitcoms—five—all of which were canceled swiftly, abruptly, or prematurely.

She has lent her chipper, familiar, Midwestern voice to a slew of hugely popular and financially successful animated movies over the last two decades.

Hunt has been as frequent a presence in Pixar movies as the A113 Easter egg and emotionally powerful scenes that can reduce adults to tears.

Hunt needs and wants to do her own thing, and to do it her way, to the point where she's boldly and inspiringly rejected big opportunities because producers wouldn't let her be herself.

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Ferdinand Grammar School and Notre Dame High School for Girls in Chicago.

Among her credits with the CGI juggernaut (to which you'll say, "oh, I thought I recognized that voice): Rosie the spider in Despite several ill-fated TV projects, as recently as 2012, Hollywood was still interested in being in the business of putting Bonnie Hunt shows on television.

That year, Ben Stiller's production company Red Hour shot described as the story of "a confidently insecure woman with a complicated life." The show failed to make it to ABC's fall 2012 schedule, which is definitely a ding on Hunt's record.

and got offered a spot in the cast by producer/creator Lorne Michaels.

Before she accepted, Hunt told the she asked Michaels if "there's an end of a scene that doesn't feel like working, can you improvise? Not wanting to be comedically stifled, Hunt passed on the show, which she also thought was a toxic boys club back in the day.

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