What is a player in dating

He should be interested in photos of you, not some supermodel from Australia who wouldn’t even give him the time of day in the first place. He’s not your boyfriend if he won’t even hold your hand when you’re walking down the street. If he's fidgety or avoiding eye contact with you, something is up.Try to see if he's physically uncomfortable with any form of PDA. His idea of a date is watching a movie on Netflix and having sex.For whatever reason, his schedule only opens up late at night.He’s bored and this is the only time he doesn't have anything "better" to do.A player only cares about the things that matter to him.He always makes sketchy excuses for why he can never hang out at a reasonable hour.

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When he tells you he can’t hang out, and yet his Snapchat story clearly shows him hanging out at the bar, you know he’s lying.

If he can’t even be bothered to pick up the phone, think about what this says about him.

A real man will take the time to call you because he wants to hear the sound of your voice and have a real, meaningful discussion about your day.

He’s not interested in spending quality time with you.

He probably spent the earlier part of the evening taking out other girls. He doesn't respect you and only hanging out late at night makes it easy for him to not put a label on your relationship.

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