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Appliqued, pieced and hand quilted with 9-10 top stitches per inch. These patterns were highly valued, many of them surviving for collectors and quilt historians of today. The familiar setting sun - emblem of the west - is number 25.

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Made by Charlotte Randell of Portland, OR in the 1940s. Magic Vine Quilts - late 1930's 74" x 83" Designed by Florence La Ganke Harris as the Nancy Page syndicated quilt patterns which were published in newspapers.

The interior log cabin blocks are surrounded by chevron strips using fabrics that are double pinks, clarets, madders, browns, yellow calicos, navy and mourning prints.

Some age staining but beautifully hand made with a tiny brown check fabric for the back and hand applied madder print narrow binding Return to Top 8.

The binding is 1” wide Turkey red and back is muslin. Sampler Medallion Quilt – circa mid 1800s 72" x 87" This wonderful unused and unwashed sampler quilt is entirely hand pieced and quilted, 7-8 even spi with a very thin cotton batting which would have been a summer spread.

The blocks have been hand pieced together with feather stitching. Several small blood pricks are in the one block on the edge and otherwise in pristine condition.

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