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You can search GST Number on the website and let the authorities [Noida / Gurgaon] know of the any illegality by e-mailing them and also call them at [email protected] | 999 / 999.

Consumers must make efforts while paying any invoice to ensure that the GST number mentioned on the invoice exists at to ensure that their hard earned money goes to the right pockets when paying for a GST invoice.

As you search your paperwork, keep in mind that the terms GST/HST account number, Business Number and registration number are used interchangeably.

This Registry is intended for businesses and individuals to verify the GST/HST registration of a supplier, and requires users to input the business name and BN.

This is much more than simple tax evasion and could be termed as a robbery using mass’s ignorance towards GSTIN and how easy and quick is it to verify GST Number.

Verifying GSTIN or Search GST Number with few clicks is the need of the hour to ensure that your paid GST taxes land up in the right pockets.

You must enter your BN and the reporting period of the return you need to access online.

Let us see, what constitutes a 15 character GSTIN or GST Number: Should you ever come across and spot any deviation about the GSTIN, you must know that you can also be a whistleblower.Along these lines, to tackle with such issues you should validate the GSTIN of a new supplier every time to ensure proper GST Compliance.The GST Search, a 100% online module has the remedy and GST number verification is just a few taps on your smartphone and you’re fed with the details within few seconds.It is also your opportunity to contribute towards nation building in your individual capacity.There could situations where the supplier may use fake GSTIN ID and supply the goods to the customers.

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