Updating server extensions in iis

What is an update mirror and what is its functionality?

This article applies to version 5.x of Remote Administrator.

Don't delete any of these Front Page files or directories; if you do, the server extensions might not work properly.

About the author: Rahul Shah currently works at a software firm in India, where he is a systems administrator maintaining Windows servers.

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After this date, the products will no longer receive detection updates to protect against malware.ESET Remote Administrator version 5.3 is currently in limited support status and will soon be in Basic support status.ESET Remote Administrator version 5.2 is currently in Basic support status and will soon reach End of Life status.By commenting, you are accepting the DISQUS terms of service.After you have created a mirror server and configured clients to access the mirror server for updates, set the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) to act as the mirror server.

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