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You'll probably get better fps with 128mb like most cards right now.

Your hardrive being 80gb may make loading time slow sometimes but as long as you have enough space to install the game then its no problem. Although more memory is going to increase obviously what you see in gameplay-most you wont really notice except for on games like san andreas which is very memory intensive.

Your processor will be fine as 2.4ghz is recommended. Memory size is fine, the hype over 256mb is over-rated.

DOnt expect to own just cuz you have a killer comp. SO in reality, just cuz the specs are all skewed between these 2 companies, they both are good. Your computer will play cs:s fine, you have a good amount of Ram so no need to worry there. None the less that card should be fine and on default settings which cs will recommend along with configuring a few higher end adjustments such as antialiasing I would say you'll get about 30-40fps.

Here is the link: Vidia-Ge Force-6200-256MB-video-card-DVI-TV-Out-AGP-8X_W0Q Qitem Z8742441214QQcategory Z67864QQrd Z1QQcmd ZView Item And This One NEW NVIDIA Ge FORCE 6200 256MB AGP X8 GRAPHICS CARD BNIB, at 49. Just because one person or a few has had problems, dosent mean the rest of the world has. I can get a higher fps from my Nvidia card than I could from my Ati. Also, some help in grammer might make you sound a bit more educated Zulkir. Nvidia continues to lead the game thought, Not really in speed matters, but technology. As long ast both companies are still around, you should expect some killer advances in technology by both of them, not just one or the other. Take a look at this though: QQitem Z6839957924QQcategory Z90710QQss Page Name ZWDVWQQrd Z1QQcmd ZView Item ;) Quad core is in development already Tim, along with the M2 AMD core and by 4 months when they cut the die size down amd raw clock speeds are going up by 25%!! Got to say I think Intel are struggling now to think of some unique selling points for their products.Thank you for your reply Jelvis, I am not exactly computer knowledgable so if I tell you my budget could you specifie a Graphics card or cards that will keep me on track for a while not just for the coming few month. But shhhh I didnt say say anything about ~ Hi Bio, hey Tim.I'm looking to spent up to 160 pounds, of course according to your feedback I'm willing to make adjustments to the sum. Sorry I was Harsh Zulkir, I just cant stant when noobies open their mouths whithout doing a little research first. Sorry I havnt been replying to posts, I've had exams lately. I havnt looked into them in detail since both of the cards selling on ebay have passed their 'end' date. Do you like the idea of having the 2 years warrantee.I hope to hear from you soon, I'll be checking back regulaly of course anyone else's help would be welcome. I seem to be afk more than ever with work, So hes takin over, almost pwning people. Blaming a company just because a few problems is bad. Can that card support hdtv because you plan to hook up a fancy new tv to it.Sorry for double posting, I have checked up on the geforce 6200 you have recommanded Jelvis, and came up with the following. Maybe your buddies just didnt know what they were doing. Keep open minded, or you will end up like one of thoe ignorant peoples that always b! I can say that 256mb memory cards are taking over from 128mb since games are utilising the memory more for draw distances and to make the game obviously more realistic; like you kill a army of men and as you move on the dead army of men is still there and not magically disappeared. To cut it short NVIDIA is better for directx games and ATI better for Open GL.(I think thats the right way around).

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