Updating olevia firmware

And if you don't like the speaker placement on the bottom of the unit, you can move them to the sides (with an optional mount) or remove them entirely leaving just a sleek black flat panel, with a fairly thin frame, ready for wall-mounting or in-cabinet installation.

I tested the same antenna feed into two other HD tuners (Samsung and Sony ATSC tuners) and these both had no problems tuning in the channels.But can they compete with the more established brands in design and picture quality?To find that out, we've put one of their more popular new models, the Olevia 542i 42-inch LCD flat panel HDTV through its paces, and, for the most part, it has fared well, but not without some caveats.For audio connections, the unit features line-level audio outputs and a headphone mini-jack output, plus a subwoofer output in case you'd like to use a powered sub to supplement the bass output of the built-in speakers.The jack-pack features S/PDIF fiber-optic and coax digital audio outputs for the built-in tuner.

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