Updating nokia firmware

Check out what I think of buying a TV box on e Bay for more info. When the first TV sticks (before TV boxes) came out a few years ago, some of the models became household names, but others died off.

The tricky part is that different tech companies kept using the names that worked, bringing out new versions with different hardware.

So I thought I’d post the most frequently asked questions here to help you.

For more streaming device frequently asked questions, head on over to my main FAQ page.

That way, you’ll be able to see, by device, when it was updated last.

I get a lot of questions related to Android TV box firmware – more than any other subject on this site.

However, things do get different when it comes to Android since the entire mobile operating system is compressed and stored in a writable form called NAND flash memory.

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To be perfectly blunt, most manufacturers would rather spend their money developing new products than upgrading old ones. Sure, there are reputable sellers on e Bay – absolutely.

The best bet is to contact whoever you bought it from and ask them for an update. Trust me: you don’t want me creating firmware for you. 🙂Because the Android TV box market is so big, there are a hundreds, if not thousands, of small sellers that are looking to make a quick sale. To upgrade the firmware, you may not want the manufacturer. Here’s why: After someone buys a bulk shipment of TV boxes, they (maybe) add a custom Kodi build, or hire a developer to make some custom software for it.

Then they sell it – usually on e Bay or Craigslist (see above), but maybe on their own website.

Android TV boxes usually come with the latest firmware versions that are available.

The trouble is, that Android TV box firmware can become out of date as fast as you can say “Google Update.”Some manufacturers are going to be better than others about updating their device’s firmware.

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