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Although this device will not delete the data (pictures, videos, applications) on your phone, it's still a good idea to complete a backup prior to the reset. Sometimes your phone gets stuck searching for the nearest cell tower, and all it needs is a signal refresh to establish a strong connection. Please do not use this function unless instructed by a U. Perform a Preferred Roaming List (PRL) update on your phone.

Just enter the city and state for your search and click “Go.” A great feature of the site’s search engine is its filtering capability.

If you look at the base of a tower, you can see provider equipment.

The box houses the radio transmitters and receivers that let the tower communicate with the phones.

With a map, orienting yourself with the surrounding cell towers is no different than identifying landmarks or planning destinations for a trip.

Best of all, most web-based cell tower maps do the locating and plotting for you—conveniently integrating your cell tower search within Google Maps.

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