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Battery life expectations after a major software update: Software Upgrade Assistant Tool If you don't have a strong connection to Wi-Fi or the Verizon Wireless network, you may not be able to perform a software update over the air.Instead, you can connect your device to a computer with Internet access.Remove and re-insert the battery, and power your device back on.The device will restart with the original software and will prompt you once again to install the software update.Windows Update can fail during the updates installation if the updates began to be installed during a shutdown operation of your computer The When you force restart your computer, Windows boots again with Windows Update trying to install the pending updates.This error has been known to occur as a result of one of the following causes: The hard drive’s file system may become damaged because of disk write errors, power outages or virus attacks.The details: Release date: 03/21/2019 Android Security Patch Level: March 1, 2019 Software Version: VS99620j What's changing: The current software update gives you the most up to date Android security patches on your device.

If you dismiss the notification and have not cleared space after 24 hours, a pre-update message will pop up again until you free up the memory necessary to perform the software update.

A screen will appear stating that the installation has been completed. To check your software version from the home screen: Updating while roaming You won't receive a software update notice if you're roaming.

You'll need to be connected to Wi-Fi to update your device while roaming.

Before you download: When download is complete, a screen will appear advising you that the new version of software is ready to be installed. When the download is complete, you'll be notified that it is ready to be installed.

Tap Install Now and the device will power down and restart.

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