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Higher tritium values at other sites suggest some recent recharge.High values of up to 8.3) are consistent with reported mantle derived helium of oceanic island basalts in Cape Verde and provided end-member constraints for improved dating at seven other locations.He) were used for evaluating groundwater recharge sources, flow paths, and residence times of three watersheds in the Cape Verde Islands (West Africa).Stable isotopes indicate the predominance of high-elevation precipitation that undergoes little evaporation prior to groundwater recharge.In contrast to other active oceanic hotspots, environmental tracers show that deep geothermal circulation does not strongly affect groundwater.Low tritium concentrations at seven groundwater sites indicate groundwater residence times of more than 50 years.A datação com base nos dados de trítio e da razão isotópica He mostra que a bacia hidrográfica da ribeira Fajã na ilha de São Nicolau tem águas subterrâneas com tempos de residência de mais de 50 anos, enquanto a bacia hidrográfica da ribeira dos Mosteiros na ilha do Fogo e a da ribeira Paul na ilha de Santo Antão contêm uma mistura de águas recentes e antigas. Nash, Millennium Challenge Corporation, for providing funding support for this study; J.

Os isótopos estáveis indicam a predominância de precipitação ocorrida a altitudes elevadas e que terá sofrido pouca evaporação antes de se infiltrar e contribuir para a recarga da água subterrânea.“They are going to have fun and see where it goes,” the insider added.Although the twosome have managed to keep their romance under wraps, they’ve been thrust into the spotlight since news of their relationship broke.Us Weekly says that even though Neri and Brad are “infatuated” with each other, she’s already mourning the lack of privacy. “They continue to talk on the phone several times a day and are very infatuated with each other,” a source tells Us Weekly exclusively of the couple, who have been seeing each other for six months.“Their busy schedules are going to be a huge challenge because Neri isn’t going to give up her life in Cambridge or her job at MIT for anyone, even Brad Pitt.” In the meantime, the duo — who are based on opposite coasts — are focused on spending time with one another and not worrying about the future.

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