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Reports of hacking attacks against key information systems across the Higher Education sector have increased in recent years and raise great concern to all users of our services.

To protect against threats such as this, we are increasing the University’s IT Security services.

One of the greatest challenges faced by the textiles and fashion industry is to make itself more sustainable, not just in terms of economic and labour force issues but in the face of ecological necessity.

The production of textiles involves a long chain of complex processes to convert raw materials such as fibres or petroleum into finished fabrics or fashion products.

Agents, representatives of football stakeholders, and experts on the regulation of the football industry met last week to discuss FIFA’s current undertaking of reforming agent regulations and the implications the proposed new rules will have on future transfer deals.

Senior executives from CRRC-Haitai in China visited Loughborough University’s Department of Materials earlier this month to establish a joint research programme focused on brake systems for high-speed trains.

International experts and influential stakeholders – including leaders in the NHS, police, military and ambulance service – attended the Loughborough University TOXI-triage research showcase at Altitude 360, London on 26 June.The University’s Sustainability team is pleased to announce they have received a bronze rating from the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard (SLS) initiative, a tool created by the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC).This Thursday (22 August), more than 80 members of Swim England – based at Loughborough University’s Science and Enterprise Park – will swim a combined 6,000 lengths of the University’s swimming pool, equating to over 150 kilometres.A team of Loughborough University academics have launched a new website that provides practical tips to help early year practitioners and parents feel confident in delivering physical development opportunities to children.Professor Victor Krylov, Chair in Acoustics and Vibration at Loughborough University, has edited a new book that delves into the complex problems associated with ground vibrations caused by high-speed railways.

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