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Prevention Steps You’re completely correct that you need to educate your child about risks, dangers, and also about .This is called Safety Planning, and starting these discussions from a young age is important.Having a relationship with someone before they have reached the Age of Consent is against the law, and it may emotionally harm your child as well.Underage Teens Can't Consent Even if a teenager looks or acts mature, or makes sexual advances towards an adult, they’re still underage and Permission From an Underage Teen Doesn’t Count.It’s fantastic that you’re being proactive and thinking about difficult scenarios that may arise when you do have children, and looking for advice on how to respond to them.I'm so glad you've reached out to us because you’re asking such a great question.What they’re doing is putting your child at-risk and also putting themselves at-risk, and they continued to pursue a relationship with your child before they reached the age of consent, it would be considered child sexual abuse.You can end the conversation by firmly letting them know that if they do solicit your child in any way or engage in a sexual relationship with them, you contact the police.

Important Conversations to Consider If it were an adult pursuing your child, I would encourage you to talk to them one-on-one as long as there were no safety concerns.Social and cultural pressures plus the layer of explicitness, speed, and secretiveness that technology adds makes the idea of healthy teen relationships seem impossible.It’s definitely different than when I was a teenager, but the experience of handling and expressing feelings and desires is still the same.You may also want to invite their boy/girlfriend over, and perhaps their parents as well, to have this conversation together.Laying out what your guidelines are as a parent, and what consequences there are if rules aren’t followed would make it clear to both parties what may happen: grounding for your child, potential jail time and/or being put on the sex offender registry for their boy/girlfriend.

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