Stop shockwave from updating

Open Text File(directory & "Log File.txt", 8, true) 'write timestamp to logfile outfile. Close() end if 'sleep for specified number of minutes wscript.sleep(minutes * 60 * 1000) 'go back to the beginning of the loop loop 'end filesys object filesys = nothing \App Data\Local\Mozilla\Updates 'if you can't tell, i like to document my work through comments.feel free to delete them 'copy the below into a text editor and save it with extension ' I threw it in my startup folder as well, so that it automatically runs when i start my computer 'create object to do schtuff to the files set filesys = Create Object("Scripting.If Firefox is updating when it should not then please try to explain what happens and if others can reproduce the issue a bug should be filed.Read this answer in context It updated again, so I've written a script that runs a loop every 5 minutes or so to delete the updates folder and create a log with the timestamp of when it does delete the folder.

User Name &"\App Data\Local\Mozilla\" 'figure out whether or not the logfile already exists if not filesys.If you set Firefox to not update then as long as you do not do that it should not update.If you wish to check the version without updating Firefox key in to the address bar so that you obtain the troubleshooting information.Does Mozilla just ignore what the user actually tells it to do and does what it wants anyway or is my version of Mozilla just trying to start the Skynet revolution?I'm pretty close to just writing a vb script to just delete everything Mozilla off my computer and re-install v51 it everyday at midnight so I can just not have to deal with it anymore, but I figured I'd ask for help here first.

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