Ssis rowcount variable not updating

But remember, if we work with a Read Write variable, we will have the same problem as with the Row Count component: the value of the variable is not updated until the dataflow task has finished, so in the flow it will have the initial value for every row.

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I normally scope all of my variables to the package, since you can’t see the variables in the window unless you have selected the scoped object.

In this case we are working with End Date, and although you would want to set it as Date, there are some compatibility issues when using the Date data type for a variable and then pulling into a SQL parameter.

I have found it is best to set the date as a string and then manipulate it from there.

If you've just selected, inserted, deleted or updated rows in SQL, @@rowcount will tell you how many. Here are a couple of examples: one which will work, and one which won't. The following SQL takes all films winning 10 or more Oscars, and puts them in a new table: The reason is that @@rowcount holds the number of rows affected by the last executed statement - which in the above example is 0, because the PRINT command doesn't affect rows in a table!

DECLARE @Summary Of Changes TABLE(Change VARCHAR(20)); MERGE tbl Target AS Target USING (SELECT Col1, Col2 FROM tbl Source) AS Source ON (Target. For accuracy and official reference refer to MS Books On Line and/or MSDN/Tech Net.

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