Speed dating reality tv show

I’ve never actually enjoyed dating shows, but I’ve hate-watched plenty of them. ” at the leading men on ABC’s “The Bachelor,” rolled my eyes at the pun-filled narration on MTV’s late-2000s show “Next” and scoffed at the standards held by rich, single clients on Bravo’s “Millionaire Matchmaker.” Netflix’s “Dating Around” is the first reality show I actually enjoyed watching because it is a beautiful, poetic series that doesn't mock its subjects.

At a time when dating has become an exercise in app roulette, with infinite options to swipe but the same awkward first-date hurdles, “Dating Around” captures the uncertain search for connection: no smug host, cheesy music or probing confessionals required.

You’ll find our production company, Joke Productions, listed as well.

We’ve made over a hundred hours of unscripted television.

’s awful new “Dating: #No Filter”), worth watching this Valentine’s Day.

Real singles don’t spend their first dates in hot-air balloons or on shopping sprees.

Senior widower Leonard, trying to explain why he doesn’t want a second date with one woman, says, “It’s just a feeling.

The question we’re asked most is “how can I pitch a reality show?

”It’s no wonder…good advice on the unscripted television business is hard to come by.

In “Dating Around,” blind dates meet at a bar, get food, and, if all goes well, maybe a nightcap.

You know, just like regular people who aren’t on a contrived dating show.

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