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There are lots of groups out there and quite frankly, we were disappointed with most of them.

(see below) Some charged ,000 to join and were high-pressure sales.

There is no background check and you could meet someone who is a felon or sexual predator.

Did you know that and if you add violent offenders and sexual predators, that number can be as high as 12 to 16%?!!!

We are INCLUSIVE to everyone over 21 years old (for liability purposes) and not having a criminal background.

Take a look at other groups and check them out on review websites like and others to find out more.We have researched Meetup Groups and see that on any given Friday there will be about 50 or 60 events posted every week.Of those, two or three have 20 people RSVPed and most have less than 3 RSVPs.We thought it was time that the people of the Phoenix area had a quality group of professional people to meet and enjoy the best of what Our events are planned with our members in mind. At those, you rotate seats five times, once for each course, so that you can meet lots of fun people!How many people do you know that live in the Phoenix area who have never visited the Grand Canyon? Most groups just have a dinner and you get "stuck" next to the same two people all night. Going to a festival is not a good way to meet people and have conversations to find commonality.

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