Site not updating changes

I once updated the file and it took a while before the file is updated. In addition to clearing the cache, each browser may have a way of stopping or minimizing the caching of web pages.This helps your site load faster, because Word Press can retrieve the pages of your blog from the cache instead of generating them all over again.Any good cache plugin will clear the cache when a post, page, or comment is published. to your theme), the cache may not be cleared and the old version will still appear.But now, the same problem has started all over again.The thing is, now the Homepage along with the entire site doesn't even show the new changes anymore, and the live website is showing the exact same website that it was showing 4 months ago.See Template Hierarchy if you’re having trouble figuring out which template is in use. Top ↑ Let’s say that: a) You’re working with the correct file, and b) It’s in the right place with the right name, but you still can’t see the changes you’ve made.Top ↑ When you make a change to a file, it is often on your computer’s hard drive, and you have to upload the file to your host server in order to view it on the internet.

Note that Word Press does come with a cache by default, so the above would only apply if you installed a cache plugin yourself.

I did what everyone then told me to do, which was to flush the caches, tell Godaddy to flush their server's caches etc... And these pages showed up on the live website perfectly.

So I figured that I had found a solution to this problem.

Remember that many templates contain very similar text.

For example, a post header may appear on a single post page, an index page, a search page, or an archive page, to name a few. When overwriting the exact same file, it doesn’t always do a complete overwrite, so consider deleting the original from the host server and then uploading a new version, to make sure that the correct file is there in its entirety.

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