Silverlight progress bar not updating

Silverlight provides us with the Web Client class which gives us the ability to download data asynchronously.The Web Client class contains events to initiate the request, track the progress of the request, and retrieve the data.One thing that did catch me out was that after upgrading everything to 7.1, my performance progress bar (installed from the Augustrelease of the Silverlight Toolkit for Windows Phone) had stopped displaying when the app was busy doing something.

The /winfx/2006/xaml/presentation name space isn't declared - but certainly in SL2/3 that is where it resides.The Inner Rectangle (rect Inner) is filled using a Linear Gradient Brush and I have used a few Gradient Stops to fill it with multiple colors.As you may realize, I keep proving that I am only a developer and not a designer, by creating lousy designs. When the application is run and the user clicks on the ‘Download’ button, the inner Rectangle (rect Inner) starts with a width of 0 and is incremented using the percentage from the Download Progress Changed event handler.The code mentioned below shows how to use these events: In the code above, on button click, we create an instance of the Web Client for the requesting the file.We then add the event handlers for ‘Open Read Completed’ and ‘Download Progress Changed’ events.

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