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We are moving the topics of this forum and it will be deleted at some point Publish your own request for comments/change or patches for the next version of php BB. Why isnt the area51 staff get involved with posted RFCs here?

Is it just me or the forums have very few active members..?

This board is for more technical users to discuss the technical implementation of new changes to php BB and discussion of development, therefore making this board's community a much more niche one than that of say those members will not comment on everything, but rather those those things that they have opinions on, that interest them or they believe they have something constructive with good discussion value to add.

I would also add that different teams have different roles within the larger php BB team and the role of the styles team, which you have mentioned, is more orientated towards styles validation for our CDB, how styles are developed and the features available to styles authors although of course any team member is welcome to comment on any issue on Area51.

it is much better to describe exactly what it does.

if the consensus will end up being that an existing mod fit the bill exactly, and if it will turn out that the code quality of this mod is adequate[1], then there should be no reason why this mod should not be used "as is" or with slight modifications.

this is not criticism - i admire the people who overcome obstacles to implement a feature they need, but this does not necessarily mean it would be a good idea to use this code in the code product.

yeah in addition this feature isn't related to the php BB3 concept... and the existing method is less efficient You must scroll down to see what post U want to quoted by added a multi quote button, user can quickly choose what post to quote...

@code brekaer do U think we (or me maybe) talk about MOD implemented Multi quote like it looks like just flashback the development of this feature...(development we talk here marked as a MOD, not a core feature) Hm.. Reputation is no need to add in to 3.1 i have surveyed many forum use reputation feature (just Vbull, as IPBoard reputation system is bad i think ) many of them don't use this system..

If they did then it would take up a large amount of their time that could possibly be better spent doing other things and convolute discussion with un-necessary posts.

As such team members will naturally gravitate towards reading topics that they hold opinions about and share those opinions if they feel it would be constructive to the discussion and I'm sure the same applies for members of the community/public.

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