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For today’s launch, we are bringing additional value to Firefox users by improving their login experiences.

We are exploring options for future features, and what might resonate best with Firefox users.

On the other hand, though many of us know what good password hygiene is, why it matters, and how to use a password manager, there are just as many – if not more – who don’t.

Then there are those who know it is important, but still don’t bother with it – a refrain we often hear is that people know strong, unique passwords matter, but it’s such a pain to find yet another piece of tech to help with this (let alone set it up and learn to use it).

In this case, a built-in password generator and manager within the browser offers a distinct advantage: Most people are very comfortable with how their browser works, and if the browser offers oh-so-helpfully to take care of yet another internet annoyance (making and remembering all those pesky passwords), it’s one less thing to worry about. Does an in-browser password generator and browser appeal to you?

Mozilla says that Lockbox works with Android autofill to make it a seamless transition from using your Firefox desktop browser to your mobile browser.

It automatically fills in the passwords saved on desktop to get into your apps, be it Facebook, Yelp, Netflix or anything else, on your mobile device.

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