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What is possibly the oldest barony in Scotland, the Barony of the Bachuil, has not depended on land ownership for centuries; the barony passes along with the possession of a certain ancient stick, "The Bachuil Mór", which was once the bishop's staff of the Pictish Saint Moluag in the year 562.Unlike all other barons in Scotland, the lawful possessor of the stick is the Baron of the Bachuil, regardless of landholdings.Often the original Charter was later lost, however an Official Extract has the same legal status as the original Charter.From the Treaty of Union of 1707 - until 1999 - a unified Parliament of Great Britain (since January, 1801, known as the Parliament of the United Kingdom), at Westminster, was responsible for passing legislation affecting private law both north and south of the Scottish border.

Prior to the Act coming into effect, Scottish feudal baronies (including lordships and earldoms) were the only genuine title of UK nobility capable of being transferred following the sale of land containing a caput (or the sale of a feudal superiority).

A General Register of Sasines was set up by Statute in 1617, with entry in the Register giving the prescriptive right (right by normal or correct usage), after so many years, to the caput or essence of the barony.

The individual who owned the said piece of land containing the caput was hence the baron or baroness.

The first Scottish Executive was committed to abolishing the anachronism of the feudal system.

On 28 November 2004, the Abolition of Feudal Tenure etc.

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