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I'm ready to be welcomed by my Ancestors as Shaman." A May 6 Facebook post shows Fuller praising two friends as his "spirit-world clairvoyants" who would be present at his suicide party, and promoting a self-described clairvoyant who offers "aura readings and healings." A May 3 post states, "My Kharmic scales are balanced." Fuller's highly publicized death was a fact well known at his parish, an "inclusive," pro-LGBT community where he sang in the choir and served as lector. That’s why KING-5, the Associated Press, and local journalists are reaching out to me. Leaving out the grave problem of Fuller's months-long premeditated suicide and his paganism, the fact that Fuller was a well-known active homosexual would have been sufficient to bar him from a Catholic funeral.Local and national media expressed interest in documenting Fuller's suicide, as made clear by this and other posts on Fuller's page: Later this week the filming crew from KING-5 will be here documenting my journey. Choosing DWD [Death With Dignity] gives me the chance to have closure with friends and for old acquaintances to re-connect. Two dioceses have cited canon 1184 to address such instances. Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois wrote, "Unless they have given some signs of repentance before death, deceased persons who had lived openly in a same-sex marriage giving public scandal to the faithful are to be deprived of ecclesiastical funeral rites." And in an October 2017 note, the vicar general for the diocese of Madison, Wisconsin wrote, "If the situation warrants (see canon 1184, specifically canon 1184.1.3), ecclesiastical funeral rites may be denied for manifest sinners in which public scandal of the faithful can't be avoided." Sartain justified his approval based on "pastoral" reasons, while failing to consider that his "pastoral" response caused public scandal by giving the appearance that the Church minimizes the gravity of Fuller's choices.Quentin Dupont gave Fuller a final blessing on May 5 at his parish, where Fuller — who suffered from orthopharyngeal carcinoma — received Holy Communion. Dupont admits he noticed a TV crew at the Mass and a photographer taking photos.A photo shows Fuller surrounded by first communicants and tearful parishioners, who were aware of his plans to kill himself. Fuller is of great concern to the Archbishops because it may cause confusion among Catholics and others who share our reverence for human life," the statement read. "I am shocked," says Dupont about reaction to the scandal, while praising the pastor of St.Therese that particular day" and only then learned of the dying man's request for a blessing.What many Catholics are seeing as damage control by the Seattle archdiocese in its attempt to respond to national scandal has done little to shore up the confidence of laity, whose trust in the hierarchy after the explosive Mc Carrick revelations, Abp.The statement went on to claim Dupont was unaware of Fuller's plans to commit suicide when he gave the final blessing — a claim that was met with widespread skepticism, as the AP report made clear the parish had known for months about Fuller's plans. Therese Church for responding to Fuller's suicide plans "very pastorally and very well." Dupont also praised the archdiocese for "being willing to let this funeral happen for this man who sought and wanted this comfort in this celebration of life in the church." Dupont's denial leads to further questions.A March 16 Facebook post by Fuller appears to contradict Dupont's claims of ignorance, as CNA first reported. He claims he would "absolutely" not have given Fuller a blessing had he known of his suicide plans, yet praises Sartain for choosing a far more controversial and significant course of action: full Catholic funeral rites.

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Critics have noted the dishonesty of the archdiocese's initial Aug.

Peter Sartain has gotten in hot water over a funeral.

His funeral Mass was concelebrated by 20 priests of the archdiocese.

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