Seattle lesbian dating

Never belong to a crowd; Never belong to a nation: Never belong to a religion: Never belong to a race 26-year-old new to the casual encounter scene. Tired of the silly games, let's laugh so hard we can't breath and our bodies hurt the next day!

I exercise once in a I have a loving and kind heart Age, race or gender doesn’t matter as long as you appreciate that there is more to me than outward appearances. Am looking for looking to meet a woman that knows what she wants out of life and is willing to take it.

As long as you’re respectful of the staff and patrons, they’ll respect you.

Jabu’s Pub (174 Roy St- Lower Queen Anne) – Owned and operated by lesbians, Jabu’s isn’t an exclusively lesbian bar.

My life is truly blessed with wonderful, loving, supportive people & I hope to add some new ones to that list.

It’s not the nicest bar on the block and can feel quite divey, but the staff are friendly and most of the time it’s a pretty welcoming place to come.

I love reading, walking, yoga, dance classes, making artwork, conversing, gardening, feeling clean air on my face, smelling pine needles that have sat in the sun, beautiful vistas, great books. Im jus really looking to meet somebody who can match my hustle. I would love to meet someone who shares my passions and who would I adore traveling to new countries, researching new cultures and learning new languages. I love animals and I'd rather be outside, hiking, dancing in the rain, sitting in the sun.

I am curvy, femme, smart, funny Sorta tired of living the single life; i been catfished twice. im a full time student; im going to school for barbering HI, I am actually just looking for friends in the area. My other interests include classic literature, writing as a past time, fashion design, computer coding, and cosplay/anime.

While this is technically true, there are a number of other bars that are either owned by lesbians or frequented by so many lesbians, they might as well be a dyke bar, including Jabu’s Pub, Out West Bar, and Tommy Gun Seattle.

This isn’t even counting the dedicated lesbian parties Seattle hosts on a monthly basis, such as Cherry, Lick, Girl 4 Girl, Hotflash/Inferno, and Chocolate Kisses.

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