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I know it sounds racist, but I don’t make the rules.

She has seen enough Hollywood movies to fantasize about a confident Caucasian lover and because she is way too shy to initiate the conversation, she waits until you show up.​I don’t want to lie to you.

In…Imagine this all-too-real scenario for a minute: You've been dating someone for a few weeks and everything's going well.

It's certainly not unheard of, nor is it impossible.Am I…Asking for a friend: is there an antidote for terrible texting?Maybe a crystal to rub on your fingers a la Spencer Pratt? I operate on two levels when it comes to texting: effusive paragraphs or one-word answers.And that’s only the number for the USA…​Even though Japanese people have the least sex in the world, the women love it. But it’s also a blessing for every foreigner who wants to meet Japanese women.Continue reading and you’ll find out what it’s like to have sex with a Japanese woman…​Japan Cupid. I don’t even have to think before answering this question because I have experienced the power of this Japanese dating site Even though some girls look like Hentai characters, their vaginas are completely normal. Maybe they have used a magic Japanese vagina tightening stick.

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