Sanaa lathan dating a white guy

You don’t need to see the movie to guess what happens next: boy and girl get set up on blind date, boy meets girl, girl is shocked to find boy is white … It hits all the requisite points, including the awkward boy-girl meeting, the falling-in-love-to-music montage, the other man, and the inevitable marriage at the end.

The only difference is that “Something New” plays the race card.

If you're wondering how Sanaa came to dominate this specific genre, the answer is easy: She's a widely-loved storyteller and the competition wasn't as fierce as it is today.

There were only a handful of working black actresses during that time.

KW: Have you ever been resistant to ’Something New’ like your character? They were in a wonderful relationship with a white man, but then it's time to go to a black event, and they don't want to take him. I think we all understand where that pressure comes from, a feeling of abandoning your people. SL: I think that, at this point, we should just follow our hearts and really not worry about what other people think. SL: Because we're climbing up the corporate ladder so much faster, and our male counterparts are either going to jail, dying, or dating outside the race. KW: Another study says Asian-American men and African-American females are the least likely groups to date someone of another color? We can't be satisfied, but we have to look at the fact that it is happening. SL: I'm developing a beautiful script with Gina Prince-Bythewood, who wrote and directed Love & Basketball, and Disappearing Acts.

It's about a woman, married to a man in prison, who has lost herself, and how she gets back to herself.

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News at the debut of short film, , hosted by Ralph Lauren Fragrances and Women in Film. Essentially, she used these cult-favorite films to tell her own fairytales for her community, which included romance, but also intertwined stories of women dominating in sports and in the work force.So, she enrolled in Yale School of Drama, where she honed her skills for three years.She then caught the industry's eye after an engaging performance as the adorable fianc’e of a Vietnamese immigrant in Catfish in Black Bean Sauce.When her new boyfriend helps arrange a job interview for her eldest son Bigger to work as a chauffeur for local real estate magnate, a chain of events is triggered that will have devastating consequences for both families."Deadline first reported the news.Now that Sanaa Lathan has over 20 years of experience working in the movie business, she's reflecting on her evolution, as well as Hollywood's.

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