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In St.-Pierre, what took me by storm was that hallmark of the house-proud French, the lace curtain. Pierre: When Distillers and Rum Runners Made France’s Colony off Newfoundland a Principal Centre for the Liquor Trade. Although the tranquil village of Miquelon has less to recommend it, it makes a pleasant two-hour excursion, via a guided boat tour.Ranging from handmade heirlooms to mass-produced polyester, the curtains appear on the vast majority of St.-Pierre houses in an astounding variety of patterns. There’s a charmer of a church, Notre Dame des Ardilliers, with folk-art religious paintings and a ceiling that mimics the hull of a ship, as well as a minute museum with local curiosities and an exhibit of St.-Pierre and Miquelon stamps featuring island life. Securely French since the Treaty of Paris in 1814, St.-Pierre and Miquelon are a French toehold in North America, a distinction for which the mother country pays about million annually. Between 17, the islands ricocheted between Britain and France no fewer than six times, with attendant deportations and repatriations.This has the practical effect of allowing everyone to get their wet gear off before going inside – a local variant on the mud room. Pierre’s most recent claim to fame – a juicy article in the New York Times from June 13 2004 (we booked before the article, but it doesn’t seem to have affected SPM’s rather slow tourist traffic). Sweetly pious early-20th-century windows celebrate French saints (St. Bernadette and Our Lady of Lourdes) and the cement church in Montmartre that inspired the New World version.

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Pierrais call continental France, this is mysterious, but undeniable.

The islands are off the southern coast of Newfoundland. I visited these islands in August 2004, and was impressed by the plain but colorful architecture of St. The town of 4,000 is packed closely around the main harbor; most houses date from the first part of the 20th century, after a series of fires destroyed the old 19th century town. First she denied that the butter was ”very salty,” then she insisted, somewhat beside the point, ”But the French love salt!

St Pierre had a burst of prosperity in the 1920s, when it was the base for smuggling liquor to the east coast of the US. ” I can’t say I found our conversation enlightening, but I enjoyed it.

Built right to the street in cheek-by-jowl closeness, the houses strut their turquoise, Day-Glo green and Schiaparelli-pink hues. The windows feature Gospel scenes appropriately involving ships and sea (a frequent subject of the traditional window also), as well as a portrait of Pope John XXIII and the ecumenical council.

The trim colors are equally uninhibited and unexpected, a Latin thumbing-of-the-nose at the gray surroundings …. On the square in front of the cathedral, a directional sign points to four key destinations: ”patisserie,” ”hotels,” ”Mairie” (the city administration) and ”fronton Basque.” The first three indicate that you are in a famously well-organized country that values tourists and good pastry.

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