Recipient policies not updating on exchange

If the Policy Tester shows that a signature policy is applied, but the received message has the wrong signature applied, access the signature template that SHOULD be applied and ensure you have configured each of the three messaging formats. On the toolbar (above the Save and Close icon) you will see tabs for each of the three formats (HTML, Rich Text and Plain Text): 4.Click on each tab to create the template for that format.This ensures that a signature is appended, irrespective of which Microsoft Exchange server the message is submitted to.The Exclaimer console has a built-in Policy Tester, which allows you to define a message with particular properties (sender, recipients, subject, etc.) and test which signature policies would be applied.If the policy tester shows that no policies, or the wrong policy, is applied, you should review any conditions, exceptions and other settings defined for the required policy to ensure that (a) it is defined correctly and (b) that the test message meets at least one of the required policy’s requirements.

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Then, specify required properties and click the Run Test button.

having a handful of dls, rooms etc i'm happy to update these manually but would like the new domain to be added with each new mailbox etc.

$users = get-mailbox foreach ($a in $users) $users | % anyone else come by this before?

after you save, if the status in the details pane shows 'not applied', click 'apply' to update the policy." here is what i'm missing - there is no apply button.

i used the below code which applied the new domain to all mailboxes.

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