Rapper eve dating a white man intimidating quotes for facebook

But if we look at Black female celebrities who date outside their race, it's a different story entirely.When it was announced that Serena Williams and the Reddit guy were tying the knot, it was pandemonium.Lupita Nyog’o made headlines after it was speculated that she’d once had a relationship with Jared Leto (as if that was some sort of secret that needed unveiling, loool).And, of course, who could forget the backlash when rapper Eve got married to a Brit named Maximillion Cooper?Here's the thing, though: no one batted an eye.We didn't see the girls under fire for their choices, and we didn't even really see any of their men criticized for dating them.

Check out some of the responses from tweeters displaying their public reactions over Eve and Cooper’s new marriage.TV One even polled fans asking if they were upset about Colter’s marriage to a white woman and unfortunately, over 20 percent chose “not gonna lie, I’m a little hurt.” I’m all for interracial relationships (even lost my V-card to the white guy, crucify me!) but the outraged Black men who think Black women are going to sit around waiting for them to realize our worth are living in another dimension.“I’ve gotta say, even for me, it took a little bit of time to be comfortable being out with him [Cooper] in my music situation, because it’s different – it’s not considered the norm.As a Black woman who's crossed the great racial divide more than once, I’ve seen first-hand how interracial relationships get judged and ostracized (I’ve been called out of my name many, many times).

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