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If it is, and you're still seeing this, it is likely some other bug; please file a new issue with as much detail as possible.(Note that this bug is specific to non-Gradle projects.

by renaming the variables and leaving the references untouched, or is this unsafe?

Upgrading JDKs is significantly less onerous than with many other languages.

I upgraded a very large commercial software product from 7 to 8.

R; When you make a Project/Clean it will not run properly if you have a resource with an error in its name, like for example an image with an upper case letter.

In 0.1.7 we've automated automatically turning off external build since that's a working workaround, and by doing it automatically users who aren't reading this issue report or the Google community posts with the workaround will get the fix.

My build time has dropped from over a minute to 20-30 seconds.

For the most part it is a drop-in replacement, you will only face an incompatibility if you are using very specific features.

See Oracle's adoption guide: https:// my case, later versions of Java do things to be more secure, so some things that were allowed in 7 were not allowed in 8 (security manager and certain network functionality come to mind). Besides your need for security updates and bug fixes, lambdas alone are worth it! I keep my commercial product running on something fairly modern, but not necessarily bleeding edge.

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