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It will be difficult to do this because friendship itself is all about trust and sharing and if you have to be cautious then I am not sure how much meaningful this friendship is going to be. better to not go alone to meet them) but if they are too far then you cannot even meet them.(Specially it will be troublesome if it is online relationship) 6)One may get too much addicted to their mobile phones or computer and lose touch with reality.

This could be very dangerous and it will not be a healthy way of living.

The next artist I spoke to told me about when he dated an art girl himself, saying that there was a lot of jealousy, and that she made him show her work alongside his. Guys and girls, if you want to date an artist, you need SPACE! We will treat this suuuuper confidential – promised 😇 Diario via @27thstreetpress #artworld #diary #sex #artists #inbedwith #sweetdreams #secret #tellme #girls #boys #naughty #fun A post shared by The Art Gorgeous (@the_art_gorgeous) on Before I sum up, I should add that I do actually have experience dating an artist myself.

But compared to what everyone else is saying, it seems that I must have dated the most calm, easy-going artist out there.

Not exactly a positive start for those of us going after an art guy or girl… “There’s a tendency to be flighty and there are mood swings”, one friend said, adding, “The pros are that they’re fun, interesting open-minded types.” Another listed positives as being interested in art, galleries, museums, and their imaginative, curious, kind and gentle characters. A curator girl friend told me that she experienced “intellectual stimulation, elevated passion, fun parties and gifts consisting of their artwork”, but she went on to add a major con: “erratic, emotional behavior.” Another pal weighed in by saying: “It’s all about him.

You’re dealing with a very big ego who needs validation for what they’re doing.” She did go on to say however, “[It’s] nice to go out with someone who is sensitive and passionate about what he does.” Conversely, another curator – who is currently in a relationship with an artist – recounted a mostly dreamlike relationship.

I think you need to be crazy to date an artist, if not the relationship won’t last.

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● Pros of online friendship are :- 1) One can befriend people from different states,countries and learn about their culture and lifestyle.Cons: You might have to fight your feelings for them, if they don't like you the same way.The mythical artist, a character shrouded in mystery: creative, passionate and seemingly unreachable.Or in my case it started with feelings and I eventually got over them.We weren't able to date for a long time and there are too many obstacles in the long run anyways (her family is fairly religious and I don't belong to that religion) so it works out Pro: You'll probably enjoy being with them a lot more than some guy friends. They also might get personal with you, which shows how much theh trust you.

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