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Markle started acting professionally right out of college and supported herself between gigs by working as a freelance calligrapher.

Markle is a United Nations advocate for women and does work for the Clean Water Campaign. In her spare time she also manages her lifestyle website, The TIG, where she also shares recipes as well as her tips for travel and fitness. Rumor has it Markus Anderson, who works as a consultant for the Soho House, set the two up.

The Archbishop of Canterbury doused the little prince with water from the river Jordan that had been poured into the gold Lily Font, designed by Prince Albert and used for all of his and Queen Victoria’s children.

“Poor little chap, two and a half hours after being born, he was being looked at by outsiders—but with great affection and good will.”Charles was hemmed in by high expectations and scrutiny from the start—unlike his mother, who had 10 relatively carefree years of childhood.

She was also nominated by her classmates for prom queen.

Sadly, she didn't win, but a former classmate told that the now actress was truly kind-hearted.

Markle has a great relationship with her mother, Doria Radland, who spent time with Prince Harry at the Invictus Games closing ceremony in September.

According to her half-brother, Markle and her father "are very close" as well.

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