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Later, she appears on the home shopping network once again and prepares for an appearance on "The Late Show with David Letterman".As Paula prepares to head to New York for the day to rest and then give an interview on "The Late Show with David Letterman", things totally go haywire as a snowstorm mixes up Paula's plans.She frequently dissolved into tears and childish tantrums over seemingly inconsequential occurrences, and was even caught on camera privately bemoaning being "...tired of people not treating me like the gift that I am." In spite of the tremendous success of American Idol, the ratings for Hey Paula were reportedly low.The show was generally panned by critics, even those who identified themselves as fans of Abdul's previous work.

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The program showed the private life of Paula Abdul as she promotes an upcoming season of the Fox series American Idol while simultaneously developing the Bratz movie as well as a new fragrance line.The show was fodder for comedians, especially Kathy Griffin, who mocked Abdul's behavior in her stand-up act. They’d put a camera on me when I got wind that my dog was in a coma, and they’d make it (seem) like it was about hair and makeup." During the filming of the series, Abdul was fired from the Bratz movie.Abdul criticized the way the program's segments were edited. Though her reaction to this was captured on camera, Abdul and her handlers subsequently denied the veracity of the segment, attributing Abdul's highly emotional on-camera break-down to "creative editing." Paula hosts a charity event to help animal victims of Hurricane Katrina.It also featured Abdul preparing for and making a variety of public and/or television appearances.Abdul's persona on Hey Paula was considerably less genial than that of her established reputation as "the nice one" on American Idol.

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