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My goal is to stimulate thought about how to integrate transgender Jews who wish to be part of the Orthodox world, into our shuls and our communities in as seamless a manner as possible.[2] Clarifying our Terminology Since discussions of liminal or non-binary sexual identities can get confusing, and since there is no absolute agreement on terminology, I would like to define my terms up front.When discussing a person’s gender identity, at least six things can be meant.The verse teaches: “You shall have no such practices.”… The verse teaches: “among you” – These are the words of ben Ḥakhinai.[5] This midrash appears also in b., this would only be relevant if a person were to get a hysterectomy or an oophorectomy, both of which are done for many women to avoid cancer.–Part One– SURGERY I will begin with what seems like the most difficult issue but is, in many ways, the easiest.

We live in a world that divides itself neatly into categories of “male” and “female.” This is true of our language, our bathrooms, our sports teams, etc.

You shall have no such practices in your own land.”[4] Commenting on this last phrase, the ”, par.

7.11) writes: “You shall not offer” – I only know that they may not offer [castrated animals] how do I know that they cannot perform [the castration]?

The cases in which morphology and phenotype conflict are where complications about definition arise.

–Part Two– OTHER HALAKHIC ISSUES How should halakha view a person who is phenotypically one sex but morphologically the other?

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