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In 1930, a “house divided” meeting was called and the different companies were incorporated into Bassett Furniture Industries, Inc., in 1931.

He quickly learned that the best markets for Appalachian oak was up north and he made inroads into those markets, providing top quality lumber for furniture makers. “It seemed to me that furniture certainly could be made in Henry County at a tremendous advantage.” Bassett and his brothers laid out a plan, and in 1902 the Bassett Furniture Company was born.

“Here I was shipping raw lumber from Henry County (Virginia) to Jamestown, New York, and Grand Rapids, Michigan, where factories converted that lumber into finished furniture to be shipped everywhere, including the South,” J. At first, the company had about 50 men, from farms and the surrounding hills, and focused on styles made of oak with simple profiles and carved overlays.

Bassett Furniture was founded in 1902 by the Basset family, David Charles, Samuel, and Reed Bassett in Virginia.

The company makes handmade wood furniture and is the oldest furniture maker in the state of Virginia.

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