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Your frustration is not because of your virginity but because of your alone-ness, and it’s God’s way of getting you to take action, to pursue a lifelong companion (Genesis ).Alone-ness is not solved by sex; it’s solved by the lifelong commitment found in marriage.Sex can’t sustain a relationship, even a marriage relationship. More often than not, these women you refer to are not after the sex. They are hoping that the sex will help get them there or at least prolong the quasi-commitment they now have.It will ultimately fail, though, because she’s giving away her sexual power and giving him no reason to commit.Assigned sex is also a useful phrase when discussing intersex people.

She had grown up in the ugly town, which I had been amazed to find totally militant in '02, since I would vote the grim cluster of edificios the town most likely to be escaped Sex.

When people don’t want to commit for a lifetime, but also don’t want the relationship to end, they enter that hazy, thorny middle ground of sexual intimacy without lifelong commitment, hoping to prolong what they have — not by marriage and lifelong commitment, which is God’s design — but by jumping to sex and maybe living together.

It’s counterfeit “marriage” and a train wreck waiting to happen.

Assigned sex is often referred to using the acronyms AFAB/AMAB (Assigned Female/Male At Birth), FAAB/MAAB (Female/Male Assigned At Birth), DFAB/DMAB (Designated Female/Male At Birth) or CAFAB/CAMAB (Coercively Assigned Female/Male At Birth).

CAFAB and CAMAB are particularly used within the intersex community.

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