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No one's asking the boys to sport it yet, but a gif on the website is not shy about suggesting it.Meanwhile as both genders walk up to the halfway point (men getting more comfortable with foundation, mascara, and a lippie, and women getting equally on board with dating that guy), we'd like to present some of the men in the beauty business, unafraid to swipe on a fire engine red lipstick and falsie eyelashes and look absolutely gorgeous doing so.

As a general rule of thumb, the more boring the profile, the more boring the person.

Instagram: @Pfpicardi Mac Daddy Mac_Daddy's equally intriguing real name is Angel Merino.

The 1 million followers on Instagram can't get enough of this celebrity make-up artist's (Ariana Grande and Toni Braxton) fabulous eye dos and his line of make-up Artist Couture (killer highlighters by the way).

[meaning] the suavity that comes as if by accident, without noticeable effort.

Simple as that." Ah, if only life were just that simple.

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