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Since then, Jarnett has been supportive of her children’s profitable public career.James Trent Olsen (older brother, born to David and Jarnett Olsen) Date of Birth: May 6, 1984 Zodiac Sign: Taurus Many of you are familiar with the fashion line “Elizabeth and James” and you keep wondering who James is.

We cannot conclude now that the social butterfly Trent would not be seen on our screens in some years to come. Who would not be excited to see all four Olsens on the big screen?

This was one big issue for Jarnie; she was worried about her twins not having a normal childhood surrounded by fame.

Her mind was changed quickly after the producers of Full House proposed a huge salary raise.

Elizabeth already has been bitten by the acting bug so she is not a mystery to the world – but James?

He is the oldest Olsen kid and is not quite as popular as his female siblings.

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