Martinson age dating and the orbital theory Xxx flirtysite

The changing oxygen isotope ratios hold information about the presence of ice sheets, and thus planetary climate changes, on our earth's surface.

The last glacial AM has been extended back to 88 ka BP in the Yongxing record, which covers the full MIS5a with interglacial conditions, characterized with fine-δ constructed by counting annual layers for time younger than 60 ka BP.Oxygen 16 is preferentially evaporated from the oceans, some of which falls as snow on continents.Times when snow and glacial ice buildup occur therefore see a corresponding enrichment of the oceans in Oxygen 18.Yongxing Cave is poorly ventilated and the humidity in the cave reaches about 100%.Mean annual precipitation and mean annual temperature are ~1,000 mm and ~12 °C at the cave site, respectively. Rainfall in this zone is controlled by the seasonal changes in solar radiation which result in a migration of the intertropical convergence zone (ITCZ) and changes in monsoon intensity. S2) were U-Th dated, and their respective calcite δO variations.

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