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The attack only impacted the power grid in Ukraine's western region, near capital Kyiv."The attack could have been worse if not for the fact that Ukraine relies on manual technology to operate its grid," Senators King and Risch said.

Through SEIA, they are now trying to limit the damage of any cyber-attack on the US power grid, in a similar way the attack had been contained in Ukraine.

A copy of the law was released by the Palace on Tuesday.

The law aims to guarantee the safety and welfare of infants and children and prevent traffic-related deaths and injuries.

Last month, the Trump administration admitted to stepping up its cyber operations targeting Russia's power grid, as a countermove to Russia's increased focus on the US energy sector.

All of these signs point to an increasing focus from both western and eastern cyber threat actors on power grids, and rising tension in the respective governments."There are definitely concerns in the western electric sector with multiple, concerning adversaries at least working to satisfy the prerequisites necessary to engage in future disruptive events," Joe Slowik, Principal Adversary Hunter at Dragos, Inc., a cyber-security firm specialized on industrial control systems, told today in an interview."However, short of conflict, a Crash Override event [Ukraine power grid attack] in the US seems highly unlikely," Slowik added.

If approved, the SEIA bill would establish a two-year pilot program with the National Laboratories to study power grid operators and identify new vulnerabilities, but also develop new analog devices that could be used to isolate the most critical systems of covered entities from cyber-attacks; and establish a working group to test the newly developed analog devices.

Senators King and Risch said SEIA was inspired and set in motion by the 2015 cyber-attack on Ukraine's power grid, where suspected Russian hackers crashed a portion of the country's power grid and led to more than 225,000 Ukrainians going without power on Christmas Eve.

When there is a need to provide an example that makes use of IP addresses, address ranges or prefixes, all IETF documents SHOULD use IPv6, unless there is a specific limited case for IPv4 only.

“The child restraint system shall be appropriate to the child’s age, height, and weight.” The use of child restraint system shall not be required in circumstances where its use would put such child in greater danger, such as during medical emergencies or when the child has a medical or developmental condition.

At no instance shall a child being secured in a child restraint system be left unaccompanied by an adult in a motor vehicle, the law added Mandatory compliance with the law shall only be enforced only one year after the effectivity of its implementing rules and regulations.

Nonetheless, SEIA is still a good step forward, one that has been positively received by some industry insiders, although some criticism about demonizing "digital" solutions has also been raised at the same time.

MANILA - President Rodrigo Duterte has signed a law that will require vehicle owners to use car seats when transporting children. 22 Republic Act 11229 or the Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act.

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