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Not only is revitalized furniture much cheaper than something brand-new, but it's an easy way to bring a feeling of familiarity and warmth to your new space.

"Only use pieces that you truly love, or that add some function to the space," Marcotte says.

That gave us America's high pre-Obama Care uninsured rate, with roughly one-third of Americans simply not bothering to get care because they couldn't pay the costs.

Obama Care sought to slow the growth in health care prices.

If it doesn't and you don't have any bookshelves, pick some up to organize your stuff as well as add a touch of character.

"Nothing says 'cozy' and 'home' like well-curated books and meaningful accessories," says Carole Marcotte, owner of Form & Function in Raleigh, NC.

You don't have to spend big bucks on bronze elephants and weird metal spheres to break up your blocks of literature.

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This is your chance to highlight a statement piece or put your crafting skills to work.There are two possibilities here: Either this is a one-time, albeit dramatic, course correction by the insurers; or this is the start of the dreaded insurance death spiral.If it's the latter, policymakers need to crank up the generosity of Obama Care's subsidies, and do it quick.Poorer people and people with pre-existing conditions tend to be sicker than the average population.So forcing insurers to cover them raised insurers' costs of doing business disproportionate to those new customers' numbers.

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