Lily and oliver dating

I think you are talking about WIDLAY - What I Don't Like About You.

This is the episode where Hannah comes home from filming Indiana Johannie and discovers Lilly and Oliver are dating.

Not to mention that her real dad Billy Ray plays her on-screen dad.

The show was so popular they even made a movie afterwards, and had albums released for each season!

Getting married would probably the dumbest thing we could ever do, right Jake? (starts writing) "Dear Tiffany, never make the mistake of marrying too young.

You know barely more than children, practically babies.

Hannah Montana's performing live, but during her first ever encore only one face in the crowd matters, the one to help her make it through. As things turn playful, Miley and Oliver prove to be more of a distraction to each other than a help.Lilly is secretly dating Miley's older brother and Oliver is in love with her. : DNew Year's Eve and NO date for her Hannah party... What will happen when it all comes out in the open? [Jackson shows his hand face and says] Please let Jackson go to the party, or I'll be his only friend, and that would be sad, and weird. Are we gonna spend the entire weekend waiting to see if [to Miley] you got the part, or if [to Oliver] you got the gig? Love always, Hannah" (gives the program and pen back) Here you go sweetie. I'm a little bit attracted to him but I can control it because I'm not going to let this ruin what I have with Jake. We have way too much history to throw it all away on some intense, brooding, passionate, (starts smiling and daydreaming) strong, yet sensitive guy-Oliver: Lilly I'm so sorry I've been such a jerk.

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