Lifetime dating

I have no doubt that a lot of this stuff really goes on behind the scenes of these sorts of shows, and that is what un Real does best.

Our is a niche dating site released by People Media in 2011.

Users can search for pen pals, friends, dates, long term relationships and even marriage partners.The main character, Rachel, is suffering from some sort of mental disease. The show's manager, Quinn, is a complete control freak while Rachel, Shia and Jay manipulate the bachelorettes, Quinn is really the one doing the manipulating.I like to think that this show is very similar to house of cards, and like house of cards, it seems realistic in a very strange way.At first glance, an app for a dating site that caters to people over the age of 50 might seem impractical, but the app has seen a lot of usage and downloads since its launch.To be fair, the app's design and layout complements the site's target group, with visible fonts and accessible menus.

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