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The American radio host was born in the Bronx, New York to the Harry Leykis and Laura Leykis in the year 1956.

In the family of Irish, Jewish and Ukrainian descent Tom had three other siblings, two sisters, and a brother.

I'm guessing you came across his stuff because some girl left you for someone else?

Well Tom isn't wrong about women's nature.

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Ever think about what could happen if you took one of these tests?

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Single moms are raising tomorrow’s drunks, addicts, and carjackers.” Click here to see the entire exchange or to join in the fun. Not only is it #19 on ‘s Top 100 of 2018, a bottle lists for , and I have found it by doing a little searching online for as little as including shipping.

Hear Tom explain why single mothers are bad news to date, worse to get involved with, and the worst when you move in and take on the little brats she created with whatever losers she used to love fucking in the past! I’ve been particularly enjoying a Chianti that is not only delicious and a perfect accompaniment to pasta, pizza, and chicken parm, but it’s also incredibly affordable (unlike LA rents! This makes this incredible quality wine cheaper than many “bargains” at places like Trader Joe’s and Cost Plus.

I have bought multiple cases of San Felice because I That’s what happened to a woman in the Bay Area when she took a “harmless” DNA test to satisfy her curiosity.

To those who believe in "God": hope you're happy! #moneymonday pic.twitter.com/Az9HZKAmck @kristine_100 you are BEHOLDEN to your football contract.

People are being shot at on I-20 and your listeners there are TOTALLY UNAWARE.

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