Jack nicholson and diane keaton dating lenders consolidating loans

Of course, Jack is being Jack - his concession to character is to rein in his eyebrow waggling - but he does manage to put across the impression of a changed man.

Marin gracefully backs out and soon Harry is testing his ticker, sans Viagra no less, in Erica's bedroom, but although the commitment-phobe knows his heart has been touched, Harry's habits are too ingrained and he retreats back into his old lifestyle.

As long as old pals Nicholson and Keaton are on screen discussing their dilemma or discovering their mutual desire, Something's Gotta Give is terrific, proving (in case anyone had forgotten) that Hollywood can and should aim for an older demographic.

Myers falls short with the sitcom device of a younger lover (Keanu Reeves) who wants Keaton as much as Nicholson does; it's believable but shallow and too easily dismissed.

Erica Barry: I'm sure you meant it as a compliment.

He said when he saw me with you, he knew I was still in love with you...

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